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NMC NMC-7VAX Rev 0.4 Mainboard +Blende AMD Slot A VIA KX133 AGP PCI ISA Aud*m566
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NMC NMC-7VAX Rev 0.4 Mainboard +Blende AMD Slot A VIA KX133 AGP PCI ISA Aud*m566

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Products description

NMC NMC-7VAX Mainboard + Blende

Technische Daten

Hersteller: NMC

Bezeichnung: NMC-7VAX Rev 0.4

Typ / Chipsatz

Slot A / VIA KX133 (VT8371) / VT82C686A Chipsatz

NB/SB interconnection via PCI with 133 MB/s

Supports FSB 200 (100 MHz DDR), Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), Universal Serial Bus (USB 1.1), Up to AGP 4x (AGP 1.0/2.0, 3.3V/1.5V), PCI v2.2, IDE/PATA with up to UDMA66, Hardware monitoring and Super I/O

CPU Support

AMD Athlon (Argon, Pluto, Orion, Thunderbird) - Slot A Version!


3x 168-pin PC100/PC133 (bis max. 768MB RAM)


VT82C686A integrated VIA AC'97 audio controller

VIA VT1611A AC'97 audio codec

AC'97 2.1 compliant

Expansion Slots

1x ISA

5x PCI

1x AGP 4x

1x AMR

Interne Anschlüsse

1x Floppy; 2x UDMA66; 1x USB Header für 2 weitere USB; IrDA Anschlußmöglichkeit; AUX-IN, CD-IN, MDM-IN; WakeOnLan, WakeOnModem; 3x Lüfter

Back Panel I/O

1x PS/2 keyboard; 1x PS/2 mouse; 2x USB 1.1 ports, 2x Serial ports (COM); 1x parallel port (LPT); 1x Game port; Audio connectors (line-out, line-in, mic-in)


2MBit Flash EEPROM (DIP32)

Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG

Supports Plug-and-Play (PNP), Advanced Power Management (APM), Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), Desktop Management Interface (DMI)


20 pin ATX power connector

VIA VT82C686A southbridge integrated hardware monitoring and Super I/O

IC-Works (Cypress) W210H clock generator (PLL)


ATX form factor. Die Gesamtgröße beträgt ca. 305 x 245mm. 7 mounting holes


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