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Asus A7V133 rev. 1.05 mit Blende Sockel 462 * IDE-RAID * m59
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Asus A7V133 rev. 1.05 mit Blende Sockel 462 * IDE-RAID * m59

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Asus A7V133 rev. 1.05 mit Blende


Technische Daten:


AMD Athlon™/Duron™ Processor Support:

Supports Socket A-based AMDAthlon™/Duron™ processors.

North Bridge System Chipset:

Features the VIA VT8363A (VIA Apollo KT133A) system controller with support for a 200/266MHz Front Side Bus (FSB); up to 1.5GB of PC133/PC100 SDRAM / VC 133 Virtual Channel Memory

(VCM) SDRAM; complies with AGP 2.0 specifications for 4X, 2X, and 1X AGP modes; and PCI 2.2. bus interface with support for 5 PCI masters. It is optimized to deliver enhanced AMD Athlon™/Duron™ processor system performance.

“Super South” South Bridge System PCIset:

VIA VT82C686B PCIset with PCI Super-I/O Integrated Peripheral Controller (PSIPC) with support for

UltraDMA66/100, which allows burst mode data transfer rates of up to 100MB/sec; AC97 audio; USB controller with root hub and four function ports.

PC133 SDRAM / VC133 VCM Support:

Equipped with three Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets to support Intel PC133/PC100-compliant (8,16, 32, 64, 128, 256, or 512MB) or NEC’s VC133-compliant Virtual Channel

(VC) SDRAM up to 1.5GB. VC SDRAM is a new DRAM core architecture that dramatically improves the memory system’s ability to service, among others, high multimedia requirements.

Stepless Frequency Selection:

Allows CPU external (FSB) frequency settings to be set in 1MHz-increments or reduction.

JumperFree™ Mode:

Allows processor settings and easy overclocking of frequency and Vcore voltage all through BIOS setup when JumperFree™ mode is enabled. Easy-to-use DIP switches instead of jumpers are included to allow

manual adjustment of the processor’s external frequency.

AGP Pro Slot:

Supports AGP/AGP Pro cards for high performance, component level interconnection targeted at 3D graphical applications supporting 133MHz 4X mode.

Promise® Chip:

(optional) supports the PCI-ATA100 controller protocol and Ultra DMA/100 data transfer speeds. The controller delivers reliable redundancy and stable performance to RAID level 0, known as data “striping.”

RAID 0 improves system efficiency as I/O tasks are spread between several channels and two hard disk drives.  Promise RAID 0 is optimized for hard disks of identical size.

UltraDMA/100 Support:

Comes with an onboard PCI Bus Master IDE controller with two connectors that support four ATA100/66/33 devices on two channels. Supports UltraDMA/100, UltraDMA/66, UltraDMA/33, PIO Modes 3 & 4 and Bus Master IDE DMA Mode 2, and Enhanced IDE devices, such as DVD-

ROM, CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, LS-120, and Tape Backup drives.

Wake-On-LAN Connector:

Supports Wake-On-LAN activity through an optional ASUS PCI-L101 10/100 Fast Ethernet PCI card

Wake-On-Ring Connector:

Supports Wake-On-Ring activity through a PCI modem card that supports a WOR connector.


Supports up to four USB ports, two on the back panel and two midboard, for more peripheral connectivity options.

PC Health Monitoring:

Provides an easy way to examine and manage system status information, such as CPU and systerm voltages, temperatures, and fan status through the onboard hardware ASUS ASIC and the bundled ASUS PC Probe.


Features the System Management Bus interface, which is used to physically transport commands and information between SMBus devices.

PCI/AMR Expansion Slots:

Provides five 32-bit PCI  (Rev. 2.2) expansion slots, which can support Bus Master PCI cards, such as SCSI or LAN cards (PCI supports up to 133MB/s maximum throughput), and one Audio Modem Riser

(AMR) slot (shared), which supports a very affordable audio and/or modem riser card.

Super Multi-I/O:

Enhanced ACPI & Anti-Boot Virus Protection:

Concurrent PCI:

Concurrent PCI allows multiple PCI transfers from PCI master busses to the memory and processor.

Smart BIOS:

2Mb firmware provides Vcore and CPU/SDRAM frequency adjustments, boot block write protection, and HD/SCSI/MO/ZIP/CD/Floppy boot selection. Power supply is autodetected to enable/disable suspend-to-RAM.

Integrated Infrared (IrDA) Support:

Desktop Management Interface (DMI):

Color-coded Connectors

ACPI Ready:

Easy Installation:

Suspend and Go:

New Compliancy:

Symbios SCSI BIOS:

Concurrent PCI:

High-Speed Data Transfer Interface:

IDE transfers using UltraDMA/100 Bus

VCM/SDRAM Optimized Performance:

Auto Fan Off:

Dual Function Power Button:

Fan Status Monitoring and Alarm:

Message LED (requires ACPI OS support):

Remote Ring On (requires modem):

System Resources Alert:

Temperature Monitoring and Alert:

Voltage Monitoring and Alert:

Chassis Intrusion Detection:




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