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Fujitsu Siemens D1325-C11 GS 2 mit Blende Sockel 478* m425
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Fujitsu Siemens D1325-C11 GS 2 mit Blende Sockel 478* m425

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Fujitsu Siemens D1325-C11 GS 2 mit Blende


Original FSC Ersatzteil !!!


- System board in ATX format

- mPGA478 Intel processor Pentium 4 with 400 MHz Front Side.

Pentium 4 processors support MMX technology and Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions.  The size and frequency of first-level cache and second-level cache are dependent upon the processor used.

- Intel chipset 845

- Analogue Devices AD1885 (AC'97) Audio Codec

internal: Stereo CD-In, Stereo AUX-In

external: Mono Micro-In, Stereo Line-In, Stereo Line-Out, Game/Midi port

Headphones via audio front panel

- 3 DIMM slots for 32 MB to 3 GB main memory (SDRAM memory modules meet the PC133 specification) with ECC

- Flash BIOS

- Power-on functions: Wake on RTC − Wake on LAN − Wake on PCI Cards −

Wake on USB − COM1 wake up support (standby)

- Energy saving functions:

− APM and ACPI (requires an operating system that supports ACPI)

− Switching on/off, standby mode, suspend mode via on/off switch

− Switching on/off via software

- Security functions:

− Processor serial number

− System, Setup and Keyboard password

− parallel and serial ports can be deactivated

− Floppy disk write-protection via BIOS Setup

− Boot hard disk virus warning function

− Flash BIOS and EEPROMs (on the memory modules) virus protection function.

- 6 PCI slots

PCI slots support 3.3 V main and auxiliary voltages.

- 1 AGP slot

The AGP slot supports 1x, 2x and 4x AGP mode. Only AGP boards with 1.5 V are supported.

- 1 CNR type A slot shared with PCI slot

- IDE hard disk controller connected to PCI bus for up to four IDE drives

(e.g. IDE hard disk drives, ATAPI CD-ROM drives)

The IDE hard disk controller are ATA33/66/100, ultra DMA capable and support PIO modes 0-4.

- Floppy disk drive controller (possible formats: 720 KB, 1.44 MB, 2.88 MB)

- The system board supports booting from a 120 MB IDE floppy disk drive.

- Real-time clock/calendar with integrated battery backup

- 1 internal WOL interface

- 2 internal USB ports (C / D)

- 1 external parallel port (ECP- and EPP-compatible)

- 2 external serial ports (16C550 compatible with FIFO)

- 2 external PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse

- 2 external USB ports (A / B)



Das Mainboard inkl. Blende * ohne weiteres Zubehör * gebraucht *

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