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Chaintech 6VTA3-D10AN Mainboard +Blende Slot 1 VIA 2x ISA AGP Yamaha Audio* m995

Art.Nr: m995
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Chaintech 6VTA3-D10AN Mainboard + Blende Slot 1 VIA 2x ISA AGP Yamaha Audio

Technische Daten


Supports Slot 1 Intel PentiumII, III, Coppermine processors up to 750MHz and Celeron up to 500MHz

System clock 66/100/133MHz

Foldable universal Slot 1 retention mechanism for SEPP, SECC, SECC2 and S-370

High efficiency Switching Power Modules (VRM v8.4 compliant)


VIA VT82C693A+596B(Pro+) two-chip AGPset

DRAM Memory

Three 168-pin DIMM sockets support up to 384 MB PC-100 SDRAM timing

Provides single-bit ECC capability

10ns or faster SDRAM DIMM modules with SPD are required for 100MHz frequency clock speed

Because 256MB unbuffered DIMM and Registered DIMM modules are not yet mainstream, their compatibility can not be guaranteed.

Expansion Slots

1 x AGP slot (v2.0, 2X compliant)

4 x 32-bit PCI slots (Rev 2.2 compliant) with full master mode. Supports 3.3v, 3.3vsb and #PME capability on PCI slots

2 x 16-bit ISA slots (with one shared )

Embedded UltraDMA-66 PCI IDE Controller

Two IDE ports support up to 4 ATAPI devices

Supports up to PIO Mode 4, and Multi-word Mode 4 with UltraDMA-66 timings

Bus Mastering software drivers for all common multitasking operating systems

Blue colored connector for IDE#1, white colored connector for IDE#2

Onboard PCI Audio Subsystem

Yamaha YMF740C audio chip with AC'97 CODEC

CD-quality, 16-bit stereo audio controller

Programmable independent sample rate from 4KHz to 48KHz for record and playback

Full-duplex operation for simultaneous recording and playback

Built-in FM music synthesizer

Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer using wavedata on system memory

Supports Microsoft DirectSound, DirectSound3D, and Sondius-XG software

Legacy DOS games compatible

Meets ACPI standard and PC98 WHQL audio requirements

Embedded USB Controller

2 x USB ports (USB v1.1 and UHCI v1.0 compliant)

On-board Super I/O Functions

ITE 8671 I/O chip

2 x UARTs support two serial ports

1 x Parallel supports SPP/ECP/EPP

1 x floppy disk drive connector supports up to 2.88MB, Japanese 3-Mode, and 1Mbps transfer rates

Supports IR function (up to 115.2Kbps) for HPSIR and ASKIR

Double Stack Back-Panel I/O Connectors

PS/2 Mini-DIN keyboard & mouse ports

2 x USB ports

2 x 9-pin D-SUB male Serial ports

1 x 25-pin D-SUB female Printer port

1 x 15-pin D-SUB female Game/MIDI port

Audio Line-out, Line-in, and Mic-in jacks

2MB Boot-Block Flash ROM

Award System BIOS, supports PnP, APM, DMI, ACPI & Multi-device booting features (Floppy, LS120, CD-ROM, IDE, SCSI, ZIP ATAPI etc.)

Includes Trend ChipAway Virus (The Trend ChipAway Virus is a rule-based anti-virus technology and does not require periodical updates of virus code)

Advanced Management Features

Innovative SeePU technology for jumperless CPU installation

Optional LDCM compliant System Monitoring Hardware

Poly-fuse protection for USB and keyboard circuitry

Hardware design meets Microsoft PC98 requirements

Power-on events       Mouse movement or clicks, Keyboard password, WOL(wake-on-LAN) network card, Modem ring, RTC Alarm

Software power off control for Win95, Over-ride power button, Power failure recovery, Blinking Power-LED in Suspend.

Flash BIOS write protection against unauthorized access with Trend ChipAway Virus, to ensure virus-free booting procedure

ACPI features ready when ACPI-enabled O/S is available

Board Dimensions

ATX form factor, 305mm x 190mm, 4 Layers


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