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QDI BrillianX 2.0(S2.1) Mainboard +Blende Intel Slot 1 P6I440BX B1S 3x ISA* m953
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QDI BrillianX 2.0(S2.1) Mainboard +Blende Intel Slot 1 P6I440BX B1S 3x ISA* m953

QDI BrillianX 2.0(S2.1) Mainboard +Blende Intel Slot 1 P6I440BX B1S 3x ISA* m953

Art.Nr: m953
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HAN: P6I440BX/B1S/2000

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Legend QDI BrillianX 1S V 2.0(S2.1) Mainboard + Blende Intel Slot 1 P6I440BX/B1S/2000 3x ISA AGP 4x PCI SD-RAM

Technische Daten


Supports all Intel Pentium® II processors at 233/266/300/333MHz with 66MHz bus speed and 350/400/450MHz with 100MHz bus speed

Supports all Intel® Celeron processors at 266/300/333 MHz with 66MHz speed

Supports 66MHz and 100MHz host bus speed

CPU core frequency = Bus speed x2.5, x3, x3.5, x4, x4.5, x5, x5.5

CPU core supply voltage adjustable from 1.3V to 3.5V through on- board switching voltage regulator with VID(Voltage ID)


Intel® 440BX AGPset: 82443BX, 82371EB (PIIX4E)


Provides three 168 pin 3.3V unbuffered DIMM sockets

Supports both 66MHz/100MHz SDRAMs with SPD and 66MHz EDO DIMMs

Minimum memory size is 8MB, maximum memory size is 768MB

SDRAM 64 bit data interface with ECC support

Expansion Slots

3 x ISA slots

4 x PCI slots

1 x AGP slot

On-board IDE

Supports two PCI PIO and Bus Master IDE ports

Two fast IDE interfaces supporting four IDE devices including IDE hard disks and CD-ROM drives

Supports up to mode 4 timing

Supports "Ultra DMA/33" Synchronous DMA mode transferring up to 33 Mbytes/sec

Integrated 16x32bit buffer for IDE PCI Burst Transfers

Onboard I/O

Use Winbond W83977EF super I/O chip

One floppy port supporting up to two 3.5''or 5.25" floppy drives with 360K/720K/1.2M/1.44M/2.88M format

Two high speed 16550 fast compatible UARTs(COM1/COM2/COM3/COM4 selective) with 16-byte send/receive FIFOs

One enabled parallel port at the I/O address 378H/278H/3BCH with additional bi-direction I/O capability and multi-mode as SPP/EPP/ECP (IEEE 1284 compliant)

Circuit protection provided, preventing damage to the parallel port when a connected printer is powered up or operates at a higher voltage

Supports LS-120 floppy disk drive

All I/O ports can be enabled/disabled in the BIOS setup

Other Ports & Connectors

1 x CHSSEC connector; 1 x CMOS Jumper, 1 x JAV Write Flash connector; 1 x WOL connector; 1 x WOM connector; 1 x JKB Keyboard Power connector; 1 x 20-pin ATX Power connector; 1 x Front Panel header; 1 x CPU-FAN connector (3-pin); 1 x Chassis-FAN connector (3-pin); 1 x JFSB1 connector; 1 x IRDA connector; 1 x PC-PCI connector

Advanced features

Provides Trend ChipAwayVirus® On Guard

Provides on-board PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard ports

Two USB ports supported

Provides infrared interface

Supports Windows 95/98 software power-down

Supports external modem ring power-on

Supports wake-up on LAN and wake-up on internal modem

Supports auto fan off when the system enters suspend mode

On-board LM80 supports system monitoring (monitors system temperature,voltages, chassis intrusion and fan speed) (manufacturing option)

On-board MAXIM1617 monitors the CPU temperature (manufacturing option)

Provides management application such as ManageEasy and LDCM(LANDesk Manager) (manufacturing option)

Supports keyboard password power-on function

Supports SecurityEasy function (manufacturing option)

System status resumes after AC power failure


Licensed advanced AWARD BIOS, supports flash ROM BIOS with 2MB memory size, plug and play ready

Supports IDE CD-ROM or SCSI boot up

Green function

Supports ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) and ODPM (OS Directed Power Management)

Supports three green modes: Doze, Standby and Suspend

Form factor & Dimensions

ATX; ca. 305 x 194 mm


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